Miriah Abram

Miriah AbramDenver, CO
BA in Anthropology, Minors in Religious Studies and Philosophy

“I want to become an Archeologist. To be able to discover the world around me and critically think about what is it that makes us different and human. I wanted a career where I could continue to learn, continue to explore the meaning of life and discover the hidden secretes of the past.”

PBLA is where my dreams of fulfilling future began. In my short life before PBLA I had experienced intense tragedy. My life was wrought with abuse and two years before PBLA my father was sentenced to 48 years in prison for the attempted murder of my mom. I was an angry, confused child when I was asked to join the PBLA academy in 3rd grade. Just being asked to attend the academy instilled in me that I am more than my Father’s daughter. To see and hear that others saw potential in me made start to see it as well. I felt important and powerful! I knew that my mind and dedication were the tools I needed to transcend my lot in life. I came every summer for three weeks and learned to look within to find the leader I was meant to be.

PBLA did not set out to define me but to help me discover and define myself. They taught me to find strength in who I am and to resist the temptations the world would throw my way. I remember one summer my class was learning the lessons of peer pressure. We were asked by the older student to play pranks on the faculty at the academy. A few of us fell for their tricks and poured hot sauce in Coach Porter’s drink (I did not participate). We discovered later that it was all a test, and some of us had failed. The lesson I learned was that if my heart tells me that it is wrong I need to trust in that, I do not need to fall to the will of the crowed, That is the strength of a leader. There are many lessons like this one that I have learned, and they have all added to my ability to push forward. I have had many obstacles and setbacks and many times that I was on the edge of conceding defeat, but PBLA gave me hope that I am capable of achieving my dreams. Even when things seem to be lost “Hope” is the thing with feathers that provides the strength for my dreams to take flight.

The most important thing PBLA has given me is Hope for a better future.

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Right to Left:  Lonnie Porter, Founder and Executive Director; Staci Porter-Bentley, Co-Founder and Director; Chauncey Billups, Co-Executive Director

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