Rationale for Approach:

The work of PBLA is both "best practice" and evidence-based." To date, there is no other college
prep program in place that similar to the Porter-Billups Leadership Academy. The commitment of
Regis University, along with efforts that engage high need students at any early age and guidance
provided by caring adults who are mentors and role models, is unique and effective. The longevity
Of PBLA has allowed time to evaluate program results: 98.5% of PBLA students graduate from
high school compared to the Denver Public School (DPS) rate of 62.8%, 83% attend college
compared to 47.5% for DPS, and 59% graduate from college (comparison information for DPS is
not available.

Students who successfully participate in the Academy for seven years, and who qualify for
admittance, are eligible for a scholarship that covers tuition and fees at Regis University. Statistics
for Academy participation indicate that 131 of the 135 PBLA alums have participated for 6 to 10
years. More than 100 of the 135 Academy alumni have gone on to college, 37 have graduated-
20 from Regis. The 2015-16 academic year welcomed 25 PBLA alums as students at Regis

Monitoring and Evaluation Approach:

PBLA data is collected in a number of ways. During each summer session, students and parents of
all Academy students are alternately surveyed using Survey Monkey. Data collected includes
family size and income, the parents' highest education level achieved and if the student is the first
in their family to graduate from high school. PBLA educators collect gender/ethnicity data
directly from their classrooms each summer.

Currently, 54 PBLA students at 27 different high schools are monitored by the liaison. A general
information sheet is maintained for each student in grades 8 through 12 and includes information
on their schools, counselor, and summary of college preparatory classes needed. PBLA parents
complete the necessary paperwork that allows the liaison to access student transcripts with grades
and standardized test scores. Counselors are contacted annually by the liaison who discusses
PBLA expectations for taking college preparatory classes and academic success necessary to meet
those requirements. These efforts have proven successful and provide better support to PBLA and
the students at their school.

During the fall of each year, the liaison works specifically with PBLA graduating seniors, their
parents and their counselors to help them meet the special application due date for Regis. Each
student has a file that includes their Regis online application, transcripts, ACT/SAT scores, letters
of recommendation, and their essay. All PBLA alums are contacted annually for 4-5 years to
update alumni tracking information that includes college attendance and graduation rates.

Quality Improvement:

Based on the evaluation results noted in the previous section, PBLA administrators are provided
with important information. For example, workshops for parent education relevant to college
entrance requirements resulted in parent survey responses. Because many PBLA students are the
first in their families afforded the opportunity to attend college, parents and students need
guidance in how to navigate the college application process. To address this need, several
parent/student meetings have been added during students' junior and senior years. Entrance
requirements and deadlines are discussed, as is the PBLA scholarship, and possible avenues for
additional scholarship monies. Support is provided for essay writing and discussions which
specifically address the entrance requirements as they pertain to Regis University. Key University
staff are invited to ensure students are guided properly. PBLA also partners with local area banks
and credit unions that provide financial literacy opportunities for PBLA students and their parents
as preparation is made for college. Debt associated with credit cards is specifically addressed. All
PBLA educators are certified teachers, some of whom are PhDs. All of the educators support the
PBLA focus areas that include communications, life skills, financial literacy, STEM, and college
readiness. The use of these types of educators allows PBLA to have access to the research that
supports the need for the coursework offered to students during the summer Academy.

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Right to Left:  Lonnie Porter, Founder and Executive Director; Staci Porter-Bentley, Co-Founder and Director; Chauncey Billups, Co-Executive Director

Gala and Dinner: Saturday February 10, 2018
at The Ritz-Carlton Denver
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Golf Tournament: Monday July 23, 2018
at Cherry Creek Country Club
2405 S. Yosemite Street
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