The Porter-Billups Leadership Academy was created to assist at-risk students with academic and leadership potential in achieving the dream of attending college. Although we do have an academic focus, we also aim to address the needs of the whole child. Our afternoon enrichment programming focuses on life skills such as financial literacy, communication. and decision- making. We also address student interests such as art. STEM, health, and community service.

Descriptions of the 2016 offerings are listed below.

Rising 4th Graders: Ms. Jennifer ClarkMs. Jennifer Clark

Fourth and fifth graders focus on character traits that leaders need to be effective. The class examines Jackie Robinson's nine principles to live by and looks at his biography as a guideline to determine what a leader does. Jackie Robinson's nine principles are:

Courage  Determination  Teamwork 
Persistence Integrity Citizenship
Justice Commitment Excellence

These character traits serve as an introduction to leadership and to the expectations of the Porter- Billups Leadership Academy.

Rising 5th Graders: Ms. Alicia TurnerMs. Alicia Turner

This summer the 5th grade students at PBLA will be exploring the principles of The 7 Healthy Habits of Highly Effective People through the curriculum guide, The Leader in Me. The program consists of a variety of hands-on activities to help the students better reflect on their lives. develop positive characteristics, leadership skills, set goals and make positive choices. The students will explore critical thinking skills, motivational skills, time-management skills, development of their own unique talents, acceptance of  there. developing appropriate communication skills, and development of skills to draw on the talents of others to motivate and lead. 

Rising 6th Graders: Mr. Paul RobertsMr. Paul Roberts

Students entering sixth grade are embarking on a whole new adventure in school. In order to assist our students as they transition to middle school expectations, we have created a class called Transitioning to Leadership. This class focuses on the soft skills  hat are not always taught, but are necessary for academic success. This class is taught in a computer lab, as technological literacy is key. It also addresses other essentials such as self advocacy, organization, time management, and problem solving. Additionally, we will explore resources to support students academically as they make the transition to taking responsibility for their own learning.

Rising 7th Graders: Ms. Vickie MartiznaMs. Vickie Martizna

The topic of Human Rights is compelling and important. We'll discuss the rights set in place by Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, who led the United Nations to know there must be policies and procedures for all nations in order to care for the people of the world. These lights were written and sworn in during FDR's presidential term in the USA. Now, if these rights are abused by any nation, they take the risk of losing their place in the United Nations and are considered a nation who cannot follow rules and regulations.


Rising 9th Grade: Mr. Sean MalloyMr.Sean Malloy

In the Writer's Craft, students will be studying and researching a leader of their choosing and completing a multigenre research project. Genres in our study of focus will include memoir, narrative, poetry, screenplay, interview, business letter, and many more.

Rising 10th Grade: Dr. Antwan JeffersonDr. Antwan Jefferson

Although America has some of the most educated and capable people in the world, our system does not always work well for all citizens. In this class, we will explore the construct of Social Justice. The ultimate purpose of this course is to awaken students to the issues of equity and justice in our society while encouraging them to become thoughtful, engaged, critical member s of the world around them.

Rising 11/12th Graders: Mr. Jason Perry

The Pathway to Leadership course will seek t o empower our students to build on the foundation of leadership they have been given in their years at PBLA and seek to help them become the transformational leader we believe they have the potential and responsibility to be. Through group discussion, personal reflections, media analysis and classroom instruction, we will explore 7 important road markers on this pathway to leadership: Developing a Life Code; Knowledge; Personal Discipline; Perseverance; Purposeful Living; Respect for Others.

Art: Mrs. Robin SeguraMrs. Robin Segura

Self expression is an important form of communication. This year, students will have the opportunity to express themselves through art. Students will be asked to bring in an item that inspires them. and they will create a painting. drawing, or collage based on the picture or item they select.

PE/Team Building: Ms. Zerphayne WillisMs. Zerphayne Willis

Team building activities will involve a variety of group activities that teach leadership skills, communication, decision-making, and problem solving. Students will learn to work together, listen, and encourage others, as well as enjoy the spirit of fun and sportsmanship.

STEM 1: Ms. Kelly SchlegelMs. Kelly Schiegel

Humans have and continue to rapidly change our natural world. Some of these changes are easy to observe, whereas others are not readily apparent. Such changes - including those caused by deforestation, climate change, invasive species, pollution and  overexploitation of resources - are leading to complex environmental. societal and economic problems that future generations will need to overcome. This course will take a close look at a very localized system - ponds- and study the human impact through research, experimentation, data collection and analysis. Students will then have the opportunity to engineer solutions to the problems we discover.

Life Skills: Ms. Angela Sidhu

Life Skills are essential to learn and master in order to be successful in any endeavor. This year's focus will be on how to make a lasting and positive impression. Young people today are not always perceived in a positive manner. By addressing specific skills such as dressing and speaking for your audience, etiquette in different situations, handling peer pressure. negotiating conflicts. and the art of conversation. we will focus on making positive impressions.

Life Lessons: Mr. Jason Perry

8th Moving From Good to Great
If LeBron -James is such a great basketball player, why did it take him so long to begin winning championships? This class will look at the changes that he needed to make in order to become the winner that everyone thought he had the potential to become. Our class will examine how students can make those same changes in their own lives to unlock their potential to win at every level of life.

9 -10th 'Becoming CAPTAINS'
"If you want to change the direction of a ship, you don't look to the sailors, you identify the Captain. Our class this year is about 'Becoming CAPTAINS'. CAPTAINS are transformational leaders are people who can influence others and change in the world.
We will be examining 8 things that transformational leaders understand- Community. Accountability. Purpose. Teamwork. Academic Success. Integrity. Next Generation Focus. Service.

STEM II: Diana StordeurDiana Stordeur

How do Forensic Detectives solve crimes? This offering is a journey through the methods and concepts of modern scientific criminal investigation including DNA analysis. This offering will touch on bias, contamination, and misuse of "science" in and by the justice system, however, time does not permit a detailed look at law or the legal system per se.

Communication: Ms. Melissa Murphy 

Upon completion of this course. students will understand the importance of good communication skills in the classroom and workplace. In addition. they will:

  • Understand how nonverbal communication skills affect their overall communication in the classroom and at work
  • Use effective listening techniques
  • Use proper oral communication skills
  • Develop public speaking and interviewing skills

Senior Advisor: Dr. Franita WareDr. Franita Ware

The importance of developing the skills for successfully navigating and being a leader in communities with culturally and ethnically diverse people is a critical talent and the foundation of Cultural Identity and Leadership. The curriculum will provide opportunities for students to shape their cultural identity and examine their beliefs about people who represent diver se communities. Through a series of video presentations, discussions, and activities, students will have the opportunity to expand their ideas about cultural diversity and develop their talent in becoming inclusive and culturally attentive global citizens.

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Golf Tournament: Monday July 23, 2018
at Cherry Creek Country Club
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