Setting the Standards High

Lonnie Porter believes that academic excellence is the roadway to success. He’s maintained that academic excellence with his student/athletes for 32 years,  and his former players continue to excel after graduation; even after graduation, his players don’t want to let their coach down.

Lonnie Porter brings that same value and belief system to the students and educators of the Porter-Billups Leadership Academy.  All are inspired and propelled to success through the quality of leadership in the Academy.

Choosing Faculty and Board Members

With such high expectations, it is no wonder, then that Lonnie Porter and Ms. Porter-Bentley take the utmost care and concern as faculty and board members are chosen.

 All faculty and board members exhibit qualities found in Regis University's Mission Statement:"Inspired by the Jesuit Catholic ideal of Ignatius of Loyola, Regis University challenges students to make intelligent life choices, search for a just existence through their respective disciplines and ultimately answer the question, "How ought we to live? Through a values-centered education that emphasizes commitment to community service and civic engagement, Regis University is educating students to be leaders in service to others."Coach Porter  Chauncey Billups with some PBLA students.

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Lonnie Porter with students.

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